Why Intermodal Freight Shipping is growing in popularity in the United States?

Why Intermodal Freight Shipping is growing in popularity in the United States?

Intermodal freight shipping has been around for many years, and it is growing in popularity. It is an excellent freight solution to increasing logistics efficiency. It also offers cost-effectiveness, capacity, increased levels of security, and sustainability advantages. These make it a lucrative option for shippers to consider. Curious as to why logistics companies incorporate intermodal in their supply chain? We have developed a list for you.

Greater Access to Capacity

Intermodal transportation has massive amounts of capacity on high-volume freight lanes. It offers a significant capacity procurement advantage when compared to others. There is also less competition to secure freight for intermodal transport, which lowers costs. Haul your freight via intermodal at any time rather than paying high rates for other modes of transportation to guarantee capacity.

Cross Border Shipping

Moving freight between different countries can be a challenge and has the opportunity to create delays. But intermodal shipment makes it easier to achieve. This method also eliminates mishandling or lesser handling of freight, which in turn leads to reduced material damage and losses.

Safe and Convenient

Intermodal transportation is safer and more secure for shipment by reducing the chances of theft, accidents, or damage. Trains are on a fixed track and constantly moving. They are less likely to be in an accident, and there are also high levels of security at terminals, docks, and rail yards.

Technology advancements have also made shipping intermodal convenient, efficient and reliable. Shippers are not kept in the dark because containers now have track and trace capabilities. These have made intermodal transportation easy and dependable.

Key Takeaway

Intermodal is an ideal option for shippers who want to ship high volumes over long distances promptly. Using intermodal also helps improve your business's overall transportation efficiency.